Our Partners

There are our partners that operate or utilize iPlateia’s Technology directly&indirectly.

iPlateia's Content Recognition Solution provides a special user experience that goes way  beyond just showing and playing.

Introducing iPlateia's SORI API

iPlateia's proprietary sound recognition technology can be integrated into iOS and Android apps. This allows for the recognition of registered content and its connection to various interactive services.

For more detailed information, please visit https://docs.soriapi.com/.

  • Detailed information on SORI API
  • Guide on using and integrating SORI SDK
  • Guide on using SORI CONSOLE and ACCESS
  • SORI demo app and demo implementation

SORI API is optimized for registering original sound in existing apps, recognizing it, and servicing this.

For related inquiries, please contact us at help@iplateia.com.